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Article V - Election and Qualification - Section 2-A

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A.  An applicant for REALTOR® Membership who is a principal, sole proprietor, partner, corporate officer or branch office manager of a real estate firm shall supply evidence to the Association through its Membership Department that he is actively engaged in the real estate profession, and maintains a current, valid Florida real estate broker’s or salesperson’s license or is licensed, registered, or certified by an appropriate state regulatory agency to engage in the appraisal of real property, has a place of business within the state or a state contiguous thereto, (unless a Secondary Member), has no record of official sanctions involving unprofessional conduct, agrees to complete, within sixty (60) days of making application, a course of instruction covering the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Association, the Bylaws of the State Association, and the Constitution and Bylaws and Code of Ethics of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, shall pass such reasonable and nondiscriminatory written examination thereon as may be required by the Board of Directors, and shall agree in writing or by electronic agreement that, if elected to membership, he will abide by such Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Code of Ethics.

Any applicant who has an unfulfilled sanction pending which was imposed by another Board or Association of REALTORS® for violation of the Code of Ethics shall not be granted membership.


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