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Article X - Dues and Assessments - Section 2 - B

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B. REALTOR® Members. The annual dues of each Designated REALTOR® member shall be an amount set by the Directors plus an additional amount equal to such amount of annual dues times the number of real estate salespersons and licensed, registered, or certified appraisers who (1) are employed by or affiliated as independent contractors, or who are otherwise directly or indirectly licensed with such REALTOR® member, and (2) are not REALTOR® Members of any Association in the state or a state contiguous thereto or Institute Affiliate Members of the Association. Designated REALTOR® members shall report all new licensees or certified, registered, or licensed appraisers employed by or affiliated as independent contractors to the Association within thirty days of such affiliation. Failure to report affiliated licensees or appraisers is a breach of membership duty.

In calculating the dues payable to the Association by a Designated REALTOR® Member, non-member licensees as defined in Section 2 of this article shall not be included in the computation of dues if the Designated REALTOR® has paid dues based on said non-member licensees in another Association in the state, or a state contiguous thereto, provided the Designated REALTOR® notifies the Association in writing of the identity of the Association to which dues have been remitted. In the case of a Designated REALTOR® Member in a firm, partnership, or corporation whose business activity is substantially all commercial, any assessments for non-member licensees shall be limited to licensees affiliated with the Designated REALTOR® (as defined in (1) and (2) of this paragraph) in the office where the Designated REALTOR® holds membership, and any other offices of the firm located within the jurisdiction of this Association.

For the purpose of this Section, a REALTOR® member of a Member Association shall be held to be any Member who has a place or places of business within the state or a state contiguous thereto and who, as a principal, partner, corporate officer, or branch office manager of a real estate firm, partnership, or corporation is actively engaged in the real estate profession as defined in Article III, Section 1, of the Constitution of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. An individual shall be deemed to be licensed with a REALTOR® if the license of the individual is held by the REALTOR®, or by any broker who is licensed or affiliated with the REALTOR®, or by an entity in which the REALTOR® has a direct or indirect ownership interest and which is engaged in other aspects of the real estate business (except as provided for in Section 2. A. hereof) provided that such licensee is not otherwise included in the computation of dues payable by the principal, partner, or corporate officer of the entity.

A REALTOR® with a direct or indirect ownership interest in an entity engaged exclusively in soliciting and/or referring clients and customers to the REALTOR® for consideration on a substantially exclusive basis shall annually file with the association on a form approved by the association a list of the licensees affiliated with that entity and shall certify that all of the licensees affiliated with the entity are solely engaged in referring clients and customers and are not engaged in listing, selling, leasing, renting, managing, counseling or appraising real property. The individuals disclosed on such form shall not be deemed to be licensed with the REALTOR® filing the form for purposes of this Section and shall not be included in calculating the annual dues of the Designated REALTOR®.

The exemption for any licensee included on the certification form shall automatically be revoked upon the individual being engaged in real estate licensed activities (listing, selling, leasing, renting, managing, counseling, or appraising real property) other than referrals, and dues for the current fiscal year shall be payable.

Membership dues shall be prorated for any licensee included on a certification form submitted to the association who during the same calendar year applies for REALTOR® membership in the association. However, membership dues shall not be prorated if the licensee held REALTOR® membership during the preceding calendar year.

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