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Article V - Election and Qualification - Section 6

Posted by PRO Thu, 20 Aug 2009 20:43:00 GMT

Every four (4) year period each REALTOR® member of the association shall be required to complete quadrennial ethics training of not less than two (2) hours and thirty (30) minutes of instructional time. This requirement will be satisfied upon presentation of documentation that the member has completed a course of instruction conducted by this or another association, The State Association of REALTORS®, the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, or any other recognized educational institution or provider which meets the learning objectives and minimum criteria established by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® from time to time. REALTOR® members who have completed training as a requirement of membership in another association and REALTOR® members who have completed the New Member Code of Ethics Orientation during any four (4) year cycle shall not be required to complete additional ethics training until a new four (4) year cycle commences.

Failure to meet the requirement for any of the four (4) year cycles will result in suspension of membership for the first two months (January and February) of the year following the end of any four (4) year cycle or until the requirement is met, whichever occurs sooner. On March 1 of that year, the membership of the member who is still suspended as of that date will be automatically terminated.

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