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Article VI - Privileges and Obligations - Section 10

Posted by PRO Thu, 20 Aug 2009 22:28:00 GMT

Section 10. CERTIFICATION BY REALTORS®. “Designated” REALTOR® Members of the Association shall certify to the Association during such months as may be determined by the Association, on a form provided by the Association, a complete listing of all individuals licensed, registered, or certified in the REALTOR®’s office(s) and shall designate a primary Board for each individual who holds membership. Designated REALTORS® shall also identify any non-member licensees in the REALTOR®’s office(s) and if Designated REALTOR® dues have been paid to another Association based on said non-member licensees, the Designated REALTOR® shall identify the Association to which dues have been remitted. These declarations shall be used for purposes of calculating dues under Article X, Section 2(s) of the Bylaws. “Designated” REALTOR® Members shall also notify the Association of any additional individual(s) licensed or certified with the firm(s) within thirty (30) days of the date of affiliation or severance of the individual.

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