Article IV - Membership - Section 1-A-5

Posted by PRO Thu, 20 Aug 2009 19:30:00 GMT

5.  FRANCHISE REALTOR® MEMBERSHIP. Corporate officers (who may be licensed or unlicensed) of a real estate brokerage franchise organization with at least one hundred fifty (150) franchisees located within the United States, its insular possessions and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, elected to membership pursuant to the provisions in the NAR Constitution and Bylaws. Such individuals shall enjoy all of the rights, privileges and obligations of REALTOR® membership (including compliance with the Code of Ethics) except: obligations related to association mandated education, meeting attendance, or indoctrination classes or other similar requirements; the right to use the term REALTOR® in connection with their franchise organization’s name; and the right to hold elective office in the local state and National Association.

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