Article IV - Membership - Section 1-A-1

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Section 1. There shall be the following classes of Members:

A.  REALTOR® Members. REALTOR® Members, whether primary or secondary, shall be:

1. Individuals who, as sole proprietors, partners, corporate officers, or branch office managers, are engaged actively in the real estate profession, including buying, selling, exchanging, renting or leasing, managing, appraising for others for compensation, counseling, or building, developing or subdividing real estate, and who maintain or are associated with an established real estate office in the state of Florida or a state contiguous thereto. All persons who are partners in a partnership, or all officers in a corporation, or all trustees of a trust who are actively engaged in real estate practice within the state or a state contiguous thereto shall qualify for REALTOR® Membership only, and each is required to hold REALTOR® Membership (except as provided in the following paragraph) in an Association of REALTORS® within the state or a state contiguous thereto unless otherwise qualified for Institute Affiliate Membership.

In the case of a real estate firm, partnership, or corporation, whose business activity is substantially all commercial, only those principals actively engaged in the real estate business in connection with the same office, or any other offices within the jurisdiction of the association in which one of the firm's principals holds REALTOR® membership, shall be required REALTOR® membership unless otherwise qualified for Institute Affiliate membership.

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